It's a Communion Extravaganza

It's that time of year again, Giselle Photography is hosting a Communion Extravaganza!

During this time we will be featuring Special promotions and items from Giselle Photography, Treats Bakery Boutique, Psalmody by Francié, and WR Events & Specialty Linens.

The Extravaganza is on Friday, February 10th, from 11:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, February 11th, from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. 

Located at our studio, 4910 S.W. 72nd Avenue, Miami, Fl 33155

RSVP by February 7th for exclusive early access at 305.661.2444

Here's a copy of the invitation and we hope to see you all there!

Aleren Fahion Show Photographs are Ready!

The photographs from the Aleren Fashion meets Art Fushion Fashion Show are ready!

To view the photographs:

1. Got to our website,
2. Click on the session's tab at the top of the page
3. Enter the password aleren (please remember the password is case sensative)
4. View all the amazing shots and photographs.
5. If you want to order photographs from the Fashion Show, either call us here at the studio, 305.661.2444 or email us at

The Holidays are Fast Approaching

It's already November! The months have flown by and before you know it the holidays will be upon us. We've already booked several holiday photo shoots and available appointments are filling up quickly.

To continue our 10th anniversary monthly special we are offering 10% off all sittings for sessions booked durring the month of November.

For more details regarding this promotion, please visit the Specials and Promotions tab at the top of the blog.

King of the Jungle

We have had so much fun photographing little ones in their Halloween costumes these past few weeks. When we came across this little hunk, Michael, we knew immediately we had to share him with everyone.


He was an absolute joy to photograph. Michael laughed and smiled the entire time.

He was so much fun, that we decided to take it a step further and photograph him in another outfit. Oh yes- we were pushing those smiles and giggles to the max. Thank goodness Michael was so accommodating and allowed us to play dress up with him for a little longer.

We just about died when the cowboy hat went on...

How could anyone resist that smile???

Michael, come back and visit us soon!

Happy Birthday Giselle Photography

Giselle Photography is celebrating its 10th birthday. It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since we first ventured into this world of light, emotion, and endless games of peek-a-boo.

Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of being a part of countless shared moments, photo debuts, giggles and games of imagination. I think we can truly say that we love what we do. We are truly blessed to have been able to take part and play a special role in our client's lives.

To celebrate the studio's 10th birthday we will be offering a unique promotion each month. Every month it will be something different and available one time and one time only.

Giselle Photography wants to treat you to a birthday portrait, celebrating YOU!

We decided to start the month of September off with a bang.

During the month of September, book a session and receive one FREE 8x10 (a $70 value!)


 This offer is valid on new bookings only during the month of September 2011. Offer must be mentioned at the time of booking the session and may not apply to past booked sessions.

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Lucas is so incredibly loved. He has two of the most loving and kind parents and the cutest most adorable, (did I say cute?) hats!

I am so in love with how Lucas worked these knit hats during the photo shoot. Kudos to his mom Jessica for the little blue buttoned hat she brought us, it absolutely made our day to see baby Lucas sleeping in his winter hat.

But sleeping was not all he did, in fact, Lucas slept for about 2 or 3 photographs and was ready to party. He sure didn't want to miss being the star of his own show.

And please don't miss the little pouty face at the end, it kept us laughing for days...

Communion Extravaganza Success!

Yesterday was our Communion Extravaganza and it was great to see so many of you pass by Giselle Photography, say hello and take a look at the Extravaganza.

Just in case you were one of the few who were not able to attend the Extravaganza and wanted to know the contact information for any one of the amazing people featured at the Extravaganza, here they are:


Photography: Giselle Photography, 305.661.2444,

Treats & Desserts: Treats Bakery Boutique, 305.238.4966,

Invitations, Rosaries, & Personalized Gifts: Psalmody by Francie, 305.264.9600,

Event Coordinator & Fine Linens: WR Events, 305.244.3164, email-

Custom Communion Dresses & Headpieces: Mother Goose, email-

Soy Candles: BYCANDLELITE, 305.401.4535,


Here are a few photographs as we were coming to the end of the Extravaganza. Enjoy!

We hope to see you all throughout the Communion season. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions. We are veterans at the Communion season and have seen it all and have solutions and sage advice for just about every situation that revolves around Communion. 10 years of photographing Communions have taught me things that they just don't prepare you for in MOMMY 101.

Has everyone met my right hand? I mean Casey?

There were hardly any treats left to nibble on at the end of the day!

I am so in love with the table linens. To me, they can just make the whole party.

This is one of my favorite table cloths!!!

Communion Dresses custom made by Mother Goose.

We actually lit one of these candles as soon as we smelled them. Their scent is so subtle but delicious.

I had this for breakfast today. Well, this and a cup of coffee. HEAVEN!

This was actually a show stopper. People could not get over the flaky bits of pastry and ooey gooey chocolate layers. I would go on but I think you just have to try it for your self.